Small Animals

Small Animal Suppiles on the shelves at Rangebourne Pets shop

As we call the the 'small furries' are very popular pets for young children and adults alike. There are many animals in the small animals group including guinea pigs, rabbits, several hamster breeds, degus, rats, chipmunks, gerbils and chinchillas.

We stock all you could need for your little pets including several feeds, treats, toys, treatment and equiptment needed. Not forgetting cages and housing for them all. If we do not have in stock what you are looking for we will do our upmost to order it in for you.

Picture of Ferret, Rabbit, Cat, Frogs, Bird, Fish, Dog, Parrot, Dog, Hamster and Snake

Special Offers

We always have Special Offers on various product ranges and latest offers are listed here. Keep checking back to see what's available.

Special Offer


Iams 3kg cat £9.99

Go cat 10kg £20.00


Whiskas 12 pouch all varieties £3.00

Felix 12 pouch all varieties £3.00

Felix as good as it looks 12 pouch £3.90

Whiskas 40 pouch box £10.00

Felix 40 pouch box £10.00 

Iams 12 pouch £3.89

Sheba 12 pouch £4.00

Whiskas 12 can £7.90

Felix 12 can £7.90

Special Offer


Hills 12kg all varieties £10 off RRP

Arden Grange selected varieties 12kg £35.99

All varieties James Wellbeloved 15kg £45.99

Eukanuba loyalty card, buy 5 bags and get your 6th FREE (same size bag applies)

Burns loyalty card, buy 7 bags get your 8th FREE (same size bag applies)

Diggies loyalty card, buy 7 bags get your 8th FREE  (same size bag applies)

Special Offer


Naturediet all varieties 80p

Forthglade all varieties from 99p each

Pedigree pouch all varieties £3.00 per box

Pedigree 12 cans £6.50

Winalot 12 cans £7.80


Dreamies £1.00 each

Pig ears 99p each

Special Offer


A box of 50 fat balls with no nets £7.99

20 kg Wild bird seed £11.90

13kg Sunflower hearts £22

22.5kg Sunflower hearts £34.90

25kg Sunflower hearts £39.60

25kg Peanuts £45.50


20kg Mixed Corn £8.50

20kg Layers Pellets £9.50